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We have used Mighty Ducts for our duct cleaning services 3 or 4 times over the past decade. We have always found their service to be top notch. Always courteous, friendly and professional. Clearly answering any questions ahead of time on the phone, as well as during the service call. Their timing is impeccable, especially for a company working in the trades. We have not been left waiting for them yet. When our schedule only allowed for an evening call, they graciously accommodated our needs. We have always found their fees to be fair, and openly discussed ahead of time. At our last cleaning it was raining, and Richard even brought in "runner mats" to roll his equipment across so there was no mess left behind. Also, if it was not for Mighty Ducts, we would never have known that we had a small piece of Asbestos overtop of one of our ducts. Thank you for the help and suggestions Richard, and keep up the great work.
Marshall S.

I have been a returning customer of Mighty Ducts for quite a while. Its hard to believe that most homes get duct cleaning very rarely, if at all. The difference having your ducts cleaned makes to the air quality and dust control in your home is well worth it. Mighty Ducts has always gone above and beyond the regular service weather its good advice on furnace longevity or cleaning out my dryer vent. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have their vents cleaned.
Scott A Barkman

Richard from Mighty Dducts came to clean my air ducts in the beginning of October. I found him to be punctual (that's important to me) by not being 2 hours late, Like other companies!! He was courteous, by removing his shoes at the door; professional in his understanding of his work throughout our initial walk through and very thorough as I checked the air ducts myself after job was completed and found them to be very clean and complete with no screws loose or missing from the covers he had to open. The overall experience of cleaning my ducts was a very good one thanks to Richard and his professional method of workmanship. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future.
Jordon Waldner
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