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We do a walkthrough of the home with the customer to insure where all the ductwork is located.
Then we connect a powerful three-stage Hepa Air Vacuum to the return air main ducts.
We seal off all floor registers and bag the filter to zone off the system.
Then we use an Airwhip system to agitate and clean all the branch lines into the main ducts, and then clean the mains into the vacuum. We repeat the process for the hot air ducts.
Finally, we clean your furnace and seal all our access points.
We also offer an all natural botanical disinfectant. It kills over %99.99 of bacteria, mold and fungal spores on contact. This product is an option that can be sprayed through your ductwork after the completion of a duct cleaning. It is greatly suggested to all who have problems with allergies, athsma or problems with dust mites and germs.
If you are having issues with you HVAC system, have lost an item in your ductwork, or just want to watch our duct cleaning process in real time, we now offer video inspections. Please request this additional service during your initial booking.
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