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Mighty Ducts is your local duct cleaning company, serving Residential and Commercial customers in
Steinbach and South-east Manitoba for over 10 years. We are an owner operated company that is mainly
referral based, so every job we do is an important one!
We offer set rates to our customer instead of upcharging. Some duct cleaning companies can be twice our regular rate!
Our whip system cleans ductwork more efficiently and thoroughly than brush systems. Whips contact all corners of the ductwork, where brushes are not able to.
Our whip system allows us to do a thorough cleaning on all the branch lines, where most companies only blow compressed air.
All of our equipment is non-marking so you can feel peace of mind while we are cleaning your duct system.
We seal all access holes with air tight plugs and foil tape to retain maximum seal
We have been servicing Steinbach and the surrounding area full time for over 10 years, ask around and find out why everyone chooses Mighty Ducts for their duct cleaning needs!
We carry liability insurance and workers compensation.
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